Sunday, February 8, 2009


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  1. I meant to respond to your hope (in an earlier comment) that the European Union would not have Arabic as the official language of the future. This reminded me of a Celanese? Buddhist teacher who, nearly forty years ago, suggested that Islam was a religion of Ignorance (one of the three foundations of human behaviour - Greed, Ignorance and Hatred). That in time Islam would displace Christianity and become dominate world religion.

    I found myself [rotating my head up and down 8-)]in general agreement with your predictions. Unless we, as Stephen Hawkins feared, have the accident of accidents first.

  2. Terri: I just saw this comment since it landed in a non-functional "placeholder" Topic on this Blog. I don't know if I would characterize Islam, or any major religion as one of "ignorance". One characteristic of any successful religion (measuring success as number of adherents) is being "fit" to the "environment" - namely the human brain and emotional system, etc. Although not capturing a majority of the world population, Christianity has secured the (at least nominal) adherence of the most influential and richest sectors. Islam probably holds the plurality now and it is rising in population. This will be a race between how fast Islam can be made more moderate (as Christianity was after the Inquisition, for example) and how fast Islam gains control of the world's wealth. Ira